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Oh the embarrassment!

Aggie wearing a ridiculously silly head dress for her 9th birthday.
Aggie2She is wearing more than just a hat Ken.  What a look!  LOL

Why pink?

Izzy is clearly miffed over mom’s choice of color.

Cool eyes, Brittani!

Pink is NOT my color!

Minnie definitely did not wish for this for her birthday.LOL Linda!

The Sheltie Queen

Callie is looking quite regal on her birthday.
BdayToo sweet Cindy!

Must I wear this hat?

Sheltie Nation member Jennifer & her Sheltie Jerry live in Brazil.

Regardless of where a Sheltie calls home or what language their human speaks, the Sheltie “look” is universal.
Jerry6What a “trooper” Jennifer! I think Jerry deserves a cookie for being such a good sport.  :)