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Oh, So That’s How They Do It

Nibblin and Kaedence demonstrate how they get more snow play time.


Bet it works every time, Charmaine! :)

The More You Know [Head tilt]

Naiche & Naruto say: “Wait.┬áDid you say brush & trim today?”

Naruto in the right says: “Well, I’m not feeling that.”

Shetland Sheepdogs head tilt

It’s all in your perspective right, DK?

As a matter of fact, I DO know EXACTLY how cute I am!

Ginny, you are going to be a spectacular therapy dog! :))

Wow Melissa, they don’t get much cuter than that!

Head tilt cuteness

Sweet Sophie has it down pat!
Sophie-headThanks-Sara Jo!

Puppy headtilt cuteness!

Indy poses in the wildflowers.

Very sweet Nancy!