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Fuzzy Valentine!

Lilly & Jet want you to be their Valentine!

What an awesome fence you have Valerie!

Help for the Cute-Impaired

Notice how Dodger & Bella’s mouths form a heart?  They are saying “I heart you”

Yea sure, that is exactly what they are saying Mary!  LOL

I wear my heart on my…belly!

With a marking like that, little Devon is bound to grow up to be someone’s “heart dog” for sure!

Love those pink puppy pads too Pat!

Express your Sheltie love

Shilo is much loved! :)
Shilo2Very sweet, David!


Abby’s heart is twenty times bigger than she is.  And she’s given us more joy and happiness than we could ever give back.137047627_a2a5466f14Well said, Jody