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Holidays are for “tolerating” the humans!

Hang in there Holly!

Hugs to you for fostering her Erin!


Three out of five of Marion’s Shelties love the water!
WaterKira and Holly swim on a hot summer day, watched by Stormy & Coal.  Where is number 5, Marion?  :)

Cody drew the short straw

Holly and Buddy have big Sheltie smiles, Cody on the other hand is not amused.  He got the elf ears.HollybuddyMerry Christmas, Mark & Nancy!

It’s that time of year…Sheltie holiday dress up!

Holly and Maizie are all dressed up for Christmas.
ChristmaspuppsThe look on Holly’s face is hilarious, Lauri!

Sheltie Mope

Holly got a rain coat.  Will she ever forgive Shannon?