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Sheltie body pillow

Holly discovered a new use for her bed…a substitute for snuggling with her human.  :)Holly2Welcome to Sheltie Nation, Shannon!

Sheltie shelves

Holly, Kira, Coal, Storm and Blitz absolutely LOVE lying on the stairs.  We call the stairs the Sheltie shelves!SheltiestairsHope you don’t have to go upstairs often, Marion!

I have earned my title.

“This is Holly. she was 15 when this photo was taken. She is now 17 and still the princess of the house.”Awe, Mark she looks so cute!

First impressions don’t mean much when you’re a Sheltie

Holly (now a Sheltie Angel) gave little Ivy the Sheltie evil eye upon their first meeting.

Kristin reports that Holly got over it & they became best friends.  :)

A Sheltie of every color…

From left to right:  Blitz, Holly, Coal, Kira & Storm (little guy).

BlitzMarrion, but your missing a mahogany sable & sable merle!  ;)