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It’s been a long, HOT summer…

…so keep cool, Sheltie friends!

This important hydration reminder brought to you by Marley.

Sheltie puppy playing in pool

:)) Brenda

How Shelties beat the heat!

Joey knows hose water is much better than bowl water!

What a good mom you are Kathie!

And a happy Monday to you, too!

Guaranteed to make you smile this AM!

Thanks to !

Pour a glass for me please!

Reese patiently waits his turn.:) Gail

Waterlogged Sheltie

Smulan says:  “No way lady…I’m not getting any closer.  I fell for it once…but not twice!  keep that hose away from me!”
212575967_8a34e94626Thanks so much, Marie S.