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Camping is for labs…

Sheltie Camping
1. On the way there, it looks like Indie was eager to do some fishing!

2. During the trip, Indie looked like a poor hobo Sheltie in the rain.

3. Finally, Indie is last item to be placed in the car to go home.

LOL…Looks like fun Gail?

Vernal pool Sheltie?

Shelties know the difference between bath water & river water.  Bath water is acid.  River water is refreshing!Indie looks like he is enjoying himself, Gail!

Back off…this is MY cat!

Indie guards his cat, Chester, while he sleeps.  :)How sweet, Becky!

Shelties have it SO rough sometimes, don’t they?

Indie3Indie has it “ruff” indeed, Becky!

A little lumpy, but it will do.

Shelties love to be with their humans so much, they happily forgo the luxury of a soft bed.IndieHope Indie has a more comfortable bed at home, Becky!  ;)