This is Indy. We were walking along a dusty trial here in Southern California when he came across one of the few creeks we have that hasn’t dried up yet. He dove right in and covered his lower body in mud. He earned himself a bath as a result.


Not a happy man, Kelly…but squeaky clean! LOL

Indy and Treesa, long lost sister and brother are finally reunited…each found their forever homes less than 10 km apart!!!!

Can you tell which one is which?

Two tri color Shelties
Awe, cute twin puppitude, Barb : )

Trying to get to sleep tonight?
Snuggle with these guys and you’ll be counting sheepies in no time.

Lucky you Barb!  :)

Indy wants to go one way…but little puppy Sasha has other plans!
Sasha3Thanks to Nancy!