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Matty is Sittin’ Pretty


So beautiful, Lisa!

Color Coordinated

Purple and blue always go well together.

Sean is handsome, Tina!

Shelties get a good talking too!

TalkingAutumn often hangs out at her Sheltie friend’s house when my friend and I go to our breed club meeting.  But this time we came home one night to find that someone played with the roll of TP all over the house.

So the pups were sat down and given a good talking too.  Even after interrogation they stuck together and no one ratted anyone out.

(I wish I had thought to get a picture of the TP, but alas I forgot.)

The culprits from left to right: Autumn, Tobie, Aurora & Iris.

LOL, Lisa!

Winter is over…but cute pictures keep comin’

Autumn, Tobie, Aurora and Iris took a short break from playing in the snow long enough to pose for a picture with the promise of a cookie.
SnowbunniesBet they miss the white stuff now Lisa!