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Make No Mistake, The Cat Did It.

Oooh, naughty interior designer Jake!

Sheltie chews on wall

Well Debbie, the only plus side is the tape matches his fur!

Guaranteed goin’ to the play-offs!

Jake’s got skills!

;) Debbie

Wash, Dry, and Go!

Monday I washed, fluffed, and groomed Ellie, Jake & Jenny, then I had to take their picture.

They truly are best friends!

All is forgiven, Holly?

Sheltie Superhero

In brightest day, in blackest night,
No bird or plane shall escape my sight.
Let those who laugh at my lack of height
Beware my bark…Bi-Black Sheltie might!

Jake is on it, Alana!

Silver Lining? No Worries!

Jake’s breeder was trying to find him a forever home, and I had worried that he might be missing his kennel life.

LOL, seems he adjusted just fine, Deborah!  :))