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One Sheltie’s Private Torment

What does Jake love best about living at the beach?  Stalking and chasing the seabirds away, of course!

Except for that darn leash!

Nothing cookies can’t cure right, Nancy? :)

What’s Cookin?

Loyal patrons of the Sheltie Diner await to be served today’s Blue (Merle) Plate Special!

Ellie, Jake, Jenny, Sister, Simon, Abby, Duncan & Little Miss!
Love it Tracey! :)

Sunny Summer Sheltie Smiles!

Say that five times fast!

Left to right: Jenny, Ellie, Jake & Simon.  Abby is in front.

Congrats on adding Simon to the family Holly!  :))


Need we say more?

Jake is a true ham Debbie!

For That Shel-tastic Smile!

Chelsea shows us how a pretty bow can enhance a smile.

Jake says: “No bow for me thanks, I’m handsome enough!” ;)

Love their happy faces Debbie!