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Sunny Summer Sheltie Smiles!

Say that five times fast!

Left to right: Jenny, Ellie, Jake & Simon.  Abby is in front.

Congrats on adding Simon to the family Holly!  :))


Need we say more?

Jake is a true ham Debbie!

For That Shel-tastic Smile!

Chelsea shows us how a pretty bow can enhance a smile.

Jake says: “No bow for me thanks, I’m handsome enough!” ;)

Love their happy faces Debbie!

Snuggling like cats & dogs

Jake and our cat “Nala” have a sweet friendship. We often find Nala washing Jake’s face. Here they are curled up together and Jake using Nala as a pillow.

We’re lucky that our Shelties and kitties all get a long.JakeNala That is awesome Holly!

Sheltie poker face

Jake wins with a pair of Jacks!
Jacks I’d loose to that face too Holly!