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Snuggling like cats & dogs

Jake and our cat “Nala” have a sweet friendship. We often find Nala washing Jake’s face. Here they are curled up together and Jake using Nala as a pillow.

We’re lucky that our Shelties and kitties all get a long.JakeNala That is awesome Holly!

Sheltie poker face

Jake wins with a pair of Jacks!
Jacks I’d loose to that face too Holly!

Dude, you are in my personal space!

Simba the cat slips in some snuggle time.Back Love the expression on Jake’s face Nancy!

Cat’s feet DON’T smell like Fritos!

Yoda the cat & Jake take a nap…well, Yoda is napping anyway.
JakeyodaI love Jake’s expression, Mary!

Fishin’ buddies

Sometimes, it’s such a hard life being a Sheltie. ;)

Jake loves spending the day out on the fishing pier on the Texas Gulf with his human, Jeff. Here he is guarding the cooler. Jake3Smiling Jake!Jake2