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Go figure

1. Let the dogs out to enjoy the outside or to do their business.
2. Expect them to want to stay out to enjoy the nice weather.
3. Within minutes of going out… all Shelties are back at the door wanting IN!

(Laddie, Jasmine, Chance, and Logan)
They always want to be where YOU are right, Gloria?

I have my eye on you…

Oh yes, Shelties will give you the stare down…and roll in the cute expression just for fun.

No escaping Paula, Jasmine has you in her sights!

Did someone say “go for a ride?”

Looks like Jasmine is ready to go!What a face, Paula!

Sheltie bookends…

Caesar & Jasmine ask:  “If we sit pretty, do we get extra cookies?”I’d say that would be a YES right, Paula?  ;)