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No matter how big I get, I will always love you, bed.

Awe Jason, maybe it is time for an upgrade?


Or is that the cat’s bed, Lynn? LOL

Something Very Tasty in the Grass?

L to R: Hannah, Toby, Jason & Kaleigh


They are all so cute, Lynn!

Now that is a STUFFED sofa!

From left to right: Jason, Toby, Hannah, Kaleigh and Anthony.

Five Shelties on a couch

Maybe a little room for you, Lynn?

Quiz: Is It Photoshopped?

From left to right are Kaleigh, Hannah and Jason visiting Naticook Lake in Merrimack, NH.

Nope, it’s not a fake background!

We know better don’t we Lynn!  New Hampshire is that beautiful!

Hey! Down in front!

Hannah and Jason have the posing routine down pat.  Kaleigh, not so much.
Kaleigh is a quick learner though!
Butt2Love those faces Lynn!