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Wash, Dry, and Go!

Monday I washed, fluffed, and groomed Ellie, Jake & Jenny, then I had to take their picture.

They truly are best friends!

All is forgiven, Holly?

The Sheltie Super Shredder

Paperwork getting you down? Need to get rid of those pesky files in an identify-safe way?
Get the “Jenny Super Shredder, Model 2011”, guaranteed to turn YOUR paperwork into confetti in no time at all.

(** disclaimer ** The Jenny model does NOT differentiate between junk and current/important financial statements.)

ROFL, Linda!

Mom, This Toy Sucks!

Jenny thinks this is one for the returns department.

At least you know how she feels, Linda.

Enchanted water garden

Add a natural looking touch of distinction to your water garden with a beautiful Sheltie!

I soooo love your water garden, Kathy!

What’s Cookin?

Loyal patrons of the Sheltie Diner await to be served today’s Blue (Merle) Plate Special!

Ellie, Jake, Jenny, Sister, Simon, Abby, Duncan & Little Miss!
Love it Tracey! :)