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Sheltie puppy bookends

When surfing Sheltie Nation, you never know what you might spot under your feet.  :)Jenny & Jack are too cute, Melissa!

Declare your love…ahem…addiction!

Do you think Jenny knows what it says? ;)Lucky you, Holly!

Sheltie Trifecta…

Pictured here is Jenny, Ellie, and third is “Patch”. Can you believe someone would turn him over to Sheltie Rescue?! He is not only handsome, but according to his foster mom, he’s such a love.  Not surprisingly, Patch was adopted right away!

Glad Patch found you & Sheltie Rescue Holly!  Love those Sheltie baby blues!

Room with a Sheltie

Here is Jenny, lounging at the Benson Hotel in Portland, OR.

Shouldn’t all hotels allow Shelties?  I think so!JennyThanks, Sue!

Spring Shelite

Here in New England, we are buried under a foot of snow.  We can’t wait – tomorrow is the first day of spring!

Jenny_014Thanks, Holly. Jennie looks like a happy girl!