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Something Very Tasty in the Grass?

L to R: Hannah, Toby, Jason & Kaleigh


They are all so cute, Lynn!

Now that is a STUFFED sofa!

From left to right: Jason, Toby, Hannah, Kaleigh and Anthony.

Five Shelties on a couch

Maybe a little room for you, Lynn?

Quiz: Is It Photoshopped?

From left to right are Kaleigh, Hannah and Jason visiting Naticook Lake in Merrimack, NH.

Nope, it’s not a fake background!

We know better don’t we Lynn!  New Hampshire is that beautiful!

Hey I think we found the chipmunk crib!

Kaleigh and her 1/2 brother, 10 week old Toby learn the fine art of chippy hunting!Crib Don’t we deserve a bone now?Crib2Love those faces…and uh…rears Lynn!  ;)

Hey! Down in front!

Hannah and Jason have the posing routine down pat.  Kaleigh, not so much.
Kaleigh is a quick learner though!
Butt2Love those faces Lynn!