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Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Taylor & Katie the cat plot their next move on the local squirrel population.

That’s too much brain power in one spot Linda!  :)

I’ve got a secret

Maggie & Katie are sharing secrets.
Secrets2 Too cute, Susan!

Every dog loves Dunkin Donuts!

…even Shelties will put aside decorum for a munchkin.  :)MunchkinKatie must be smiling inside that bag Susan!  :)

Sheltie version of a sleep mask

No, Katie is not headless.  She is just trying to get some shut eye…so please turn off the lights!  ;)Katie2Too funny, Susan!

Sheltie Pumpkin Queen

Looks like Katie found the pumpkin she wanted!  ;)Katie & her sister Maggie pose for the camera.Looks like everyone had fun, Susan!