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I’m soooo NOT a sheep!

Does Huey tell Kelly to “cut me some quack?” :))

So what happened next, Dianne? :)

The Real 2012 Prophecy?

Do the Mayan predictions say anything about Shelties suddenly LOVING being wet?

Wow Dianne, Kelly really LOVES that hose!

Sheltie rinse cycle

Like a good Sheltie, Kelly pitches in with the household chores.
DiswasherNow can she put away the dishes too Dianne?

That’s not what humans mean by “housebroken”

Kelly says:  “Why can’t I go potty here too?
Kelly1LOL Dianne!

Sheltie puppies can make friends with anyone

Kelly lies by the window faithfully waiting for her friend we call Peppy to come for his daily treats and will cry when he leaves!
Kelly2That is a new one, Dianne!