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Not So Easy Chair

Kira & Lexi say: “No room for you!”

Hope you have an extra chair, Leanne!

Hold that Pose!

Lexi, Kira (litter mates) and Chien are pretty as a picture!

There is always one not cooperating, right Leanne?

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: “Princess Di” eyes

Kira has nailed it!

I miss those puppy days too Liana!

Thumbs would be handy right about now!

Kira has her toy by the chin…but now what will she do?!
Kira She is a silly girl Pam & Troy!


Three out of five of Marion’s Shelties love the water!
WaterKira and Holly swim on a hot summer day, watched by Stormy & Coal.  Where is number 5, Marion?  :)