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Puppy smooches!

Jasper puckers up!  You gonna kiss him back?  ;)

What a face Katie!

Sheltie snow smooches

“Snow lips” Rio is ready for a kiss!

SnowlipsA cute side effect of eating snow Pat?

I’ve got perfect timing!

Victor poses with Maddox & Amber.  It’s awesome how Maddox gave Victor a kiss at exactly the right time! CanyonlakeToneth took this great shot at Canyon Lake in AZ.

This one is for all the Sheltie Nation ladies!

Nope, not even a big Marine can resist the Sheltie charm!Jasper3Ginger was nice enough to share a pic of her hubby Michael AND her ultra cute Sheltie, Jasper! ;)

Ick! Boy cooties!

Aiden tries to steal a kiss from his sister Abby.
AidenabbyVery sweet, Lisa and Steph!