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Smootchy Wootchy!

Andie says: “Pucker up mom!”


Ozzie is waiting patently, but seems to be taking the kissing booth way too seriously, Kate. ;)

The Sheltie Nation Guaranteed Cure for the Blues!

This is our Sheltie boy Gizmo and my daughter, Alexa.

Child hugging Shetland Sheepdog

She loves her “Meemo”, and loves to have him sit on her lap and giggles when he gives her kisses. 

Shetland Sheepdog kissing child

OMG Sonya, how cute are they! :))

Prince Fuzzy

This is my six month old daughter, Persephone Belle and her Sheltie, Fuzzy.

Sheltie kissing baby

A wonderful picture, Tatha! :)

Yuck! Girl kisses!

Buddy is doing a pretty good job of tolerating Sadie’s puppy smooches.LOL…it’s true love, Jackie! :)

Sheltie kisses…

Lucky Colby has a Sheltie for each cheek!ColbyjoeybrownieJoey & Brownie look like lots of fun, Bonnie!