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She’s a Keeper!

My son rescued this kitten the other day as she was running down the highway. We planned to find her a good home, but Finn adores her. I suppose we just must keep her!


They are both adorable, Heather!

“Hey Honey? Did You Leave The Door Open?”

“Uh…no! I closed it behind me. I’m 100% positive. BTW, have you seen the kitteh?”


Maymee says: “If I could let you in Max, I would!”

LOL, Susie!

Mischief Maggie!

Good name, no?  ;)

Terri tells us that Maggie & Nollie the kitty play like this a lot! :)

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: kitty sitter

Coda & Milk are chillin together.Little cuties Kelley!

Long-suffering Sheltie

It appears that Randy, the dignified Sheltie, would much rather snuggle with Tabby. Randycat LOL Larry