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It is is a tough life. Truly.

Here is Lacey. She really has it tough. Such a spoiled baby.


For sure, Judy!

Little Helper Blues

Lacey likes to help her mom with the dishes.


Such blue eyes, Judy!

Sleeping Beauty

I adopted Lacey one week ago from a couple who could not keep her any longer due to health issues. After  7 days of adjusting she finally felt secure enough to get up on the couch with me to take a nap.  It was really hard for a her  to have to leave behind the dogs and folks who she had known since a puppy. She adjusting and we love her already!
laceysleepLucky you to get such a cutie, Beth!

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Wet noodle!

Lacey’s first bath isn’t going over so well.

I’m sure lots of cookies will make up for it Susan!

We thought the frost was killing our flowers

Apparently it was Lacey!
FrostyLOL, Cheryl!