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Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Kitty!

Laddie and Star play ultimate Smackdown!

:)) Gloria.

Go figure

1. Let the dogs out to enjoy the outside or to do their business.
2. Expect them to want to stay out to enjoy the nice weather.
3. Within minutes of going out… all Shelties are back at the door wanting IN!

(Laddie, Jasmine, Chance, and Logan)
They always want to be where YOU are right, Gloria?

Sheltie good times

Sunny day?  Check.

Nice breeze?  Check.

Soft green grass? Check.

Best friend? Check.

Chance & Laddie agree, it is GOOD to be a rescue Sheltie!

It is the good life, Gloria!

Friday’s Featured…Fuzzy Wuzzy?

Laddie is a VERY handsome fellow Gloria! :))

Bi-blue Shelties are never “blue” when exploring!

Laddie loves hiking in Big Hill Pond State Park, TN.
Laddie2Looks beautiful, Dave!