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PC foot warmer

Little Lady likes to nap where she can be ready to help mom on the computer.
LadyThanks to Kristin!

Silly, silly Sheltie

Even upside down, a Sheltie smile is unmistakable.  (As well as that little twinkle in the eye.)SmilingladyupsidedownYep, Lady is a heart breaker, Carolyn!

More to be thankful for today…rescued just in time.

Sheltie Nation member & Sheltie Rescue volunteer, Holly has a great Thanksgiving story to share:

There was a puppy mill in Maine that had over 260 dogs…(with at least 37 Shelties) that was shut down recently. She has been volunteering each week to help. Finally this past week, the State of Maine has been awarded all the dogs. Now the rescue is in the process of neutering and spaying them, then to find them the right homes.

Last week one of the shelter managers asked if Holly had seen the pregnant Sheltie, and that she needed a foster home.  Well, that was all it took for Holly to step in…and just in time!  What a lucky & thankful new little Sheltie mother she must be!

Here is Lady with her 6 babies born this past weekend!  5 boys,  1 girl.  2 tri’s & 4 blues.

Don’t touch my feet!

Oh, my Shelties love this game too! 

Shelties are generally a very gentle breed when it comes to their mouth.  You can play fun little tickle games like this & as Lady demonstrates, is very ….”ladylike”.  :)Lady_getting_joyThanks to Joy!

Ode to Sheltie…

0806lady_1Sue sent us this lovely note & I’m sure all you Sheltie Nation members can relate:“When one has the first experience of sharing their home with a Sheltie, they are then immediately turned into a Sheltie-lover.  These little bundle of energies are heart warmers & their eyes tell you how special you are to them. You never own one – you simply share your life with them.  After all, they are people in fur!”

Sue, Lady is one lucky Sheltie.  ;)