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Sunbeam Stare

Can you feel the warmness?

Shetland Sheepdog in sun

Awe Leland, we think you need a cookie. Right, John?  :)

Quilt Guilt!

I am a quilter and often lay my works in progress on the family room floor to check them out/reassess. Leland invariable comes over to lay on them. When it’s a bed-size quilt, you might not think it’s intentional, but you sure can tell with this small piece that he meant it!

Oh the Sheltie guilt comes in many forms, right Sue? :)

The sweetest ring bearer

Awwwwe Leland, you would be the perfect little guy for the job! Lelandring I bet he would have done great Sue!  :)

Can I UPS my naughty Sheltie?

Now look at that face? How could Leland have possibly done anything bad?
LelandWith a smile like that, I’m sure you forgave him, right Sue?  :)