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Hold that Pose!

Lexi, Kira (litter mates) and Chien are pretty as a picture!

There is always one not cooperating, right Leanne?

Christmas Wrap-up

Bentley and Lexi certainly thought all the presents were for them this year. :)
Of course they were, right Ashley?  ;)

Here’s the deal

Lexi to Pyper: “OK…we sit and stay until she gets this photo shoot out of her system, then it’s COOKIE TIME!!!”

Sounds fair to me, Dawn! :)

Babysitting? This is NOT what I had in mind!

Lexi meets her new little Shih Tzu sister, Kenzie.

Lexi’s expressions are pretty funny, Dawn.  What a good sport!

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Splendor in the grass, well sort of.

Here are Lexi and Pyper in the ex-pen at a training session.  Lexi’s teaching the puppy the “look” that will get ya out of the pen.  They don’t understand that Pyper is still too young to step on the park grass yet.

Growing up is hard to do sometimes Dawn!