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Today is the day!

Lily & Sammy are ready to go trick or treating!SammyLily Such sweet faces Sarah!

Blushing bride

Lily is being such a good sport!  Like all Shelties, she has a lot of patience with her crazy humans!Bride Well, she does look happy Wendy & Justin.  Maybe she feels pretty!  :)


The Sheltie bounce

“Everyday Lily keeps vigil at the door and waits for her Daddy to come
home from work and I always know when she sees him because she starts
bouncing and leaping off the ground. I think I finally captured her highest leap.”
BounceWow Wendy, she really can get some air!

The helpful Sheltie

Lily has a talent coveted by Sheltie lovers around the world.LilyYou are so lucky, Wendy & Justin!

Dog bowl? Not me, I only drink from fountains.

Lily shows true Sheltie style.  “There is no need to drink from a lowly water bowl when I have a spectacular fountain.”  ;) That is one lucky Sheltie, Carol!