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Sheltie spat?

Nah, Linus & Lulu just have each others backs. :) Linus_Lulu Unique shot Valerie!  :)

Agility Team Sheltie mascot: Poodle!

Annie the Poodle must roll her eyes at all the Sheltie silliness.
The Shelties(L to R) Chrissy, Winnie, Lauren, Moriah, Sally and Linus.
MascotThanks to Glen!

Shelite April Fools….

Here are three lucky Shelties on vacation in the Great Smokie Mountains
of North Carolina last August.  Check it out…Mount Sheltie!

They hiked up to the top from the Ranger
Station 3 miles below!!! That’s (l to r) Moriah, Linus, and Chrissy.

Mountsheltie2OK, OK here is the original…:)

MountsheltieHappy “Sheltie” April Fools day & thanks to Glen for the submission!

Hey! I can be cuter than that guy…

Geesh, could this Sheltie head tilt get any sweeter?  :)
264455974_40ead67927Paws up to Alex & his Sheltie Linus.