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Comfy Couch Straddler

Lizzie thinks looking out the window and being comfortable at the same time is of utmost importance :-)

But of course, Karen!

Six Pack Smile!

Ben was very excited to visit us.  He told everyone who would listen he went to a house with SIX SHELTIES!
Ben has such a huge smile Sheila! What an awesome picture!

Thanks for helping him become a future Sheltie dad!  :)

Thow it again! …and again!

Lizzie says,  “won’t anyone play ball with me, please? “

Why do they always look like you have yet to once throw it to them,  no matter how many time you already have!?

Such guilt Karen!

‘Grandpuppies’ are for spoiling!

Lizzie goes to ‘Grandma’s’ House to be baby sat every day while I am at work…and gets spoiled rotten.
LizzieWhat a great grandma she has, Shanti!