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Attempting Christmas with a 3 Month Old Puppy

Take #1


Take #2


Take #3


Take #4


 Take #5


Finally! Cody, Logan, & Katie.

Well I hope you had better luck with this year’s card photo, Janice! ;)

Have You Had Your Sheltie Smile Today?

No, you say?

Well then Chance and Logan wanted to wish you all a great day!


:)) Gloria

Hi, I’m trouble. Heard you were looking for me?

Oh no, Logan! You are no trouble at all!

Sheltie puppy

What a face, Janice!

Hey, I’m FAMOUS!

Why yes you are Logan!

Shetland Sheepdog on internet

We all love him, Gloria!  :)

No, I DIDN’T enjoy my BATH

But Logan you look so pretty now!

Shetland sheepdog closeup

He only looks slightly mad, Gloria? ;)