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Puppy Pillow Pal

Logan is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has a sutffed friend called “amiguinho” (“little friend”, in portuguese)

What a FACE, Lycia!

Go figure

1. Let the dogs out to enjoy the outside or to do their business.
2. Expect them to want to stay out to enjoy the nice weather.
3. Within minutes of going out… all Shelties are back at the door wanting IN!

(Laddie, Jasmine, Chance, and Logan)
They always want to be where YOU are right, Gloria?

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Sheltie Doppelgänger!

Although I recently lost my dear sheltie Billy, I adopted Logan.
Here he is with his son. His sweet expression and kind face represents exactly what he is like.
Gloria you are soooo lucky!  What a face!

Santa is that you?

When does this guy called Santa arrive?
Dscn2993Very sweet indeed Luciana!

Camo Sheltie

Hummm, I’ve missplaced my Sheltie.

Where could he possibly be? 
Dscn3405_1Thx to sender-inner Luciana & her stealthy Sheltie pup Logan.