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Sheltie gives the “carrot eye”

We all know the Sheltie stink eye…well, here is a new one for you! Is Indie is wondering where the squeaker is?Carrot Goodness Gail, that carrot is huge!

Friday’s featured fuzzy: The Sheltie “gaze” is mastered early!

Stryker strikes a pose.  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)StrykerA real sweetie Sherri!


Birthday hat blues

Cheer up Oreo!  The hat only stays on for the picture & there is a cookie when it is all over.
Oreo2What a face, Lisa & Gerry!

Sheltie is workin’ it!

Cadfael’s version of “The Look”: Whilst in his dad’s arms, he turns his head, rests it on dad’s shoulder, and bestows a heart-melting gaze upon his mum. Cookies inevitably follow!
CadWhat a doll he is Ron & Janice!

Just one look…

is all it took!
BuddylookYou captured a great expression on Buddy’s face Deborah!