Sammy says:”Do my teeth make me look like a scary bat?”

Shelties in halloween costumes

Lucky got the sweet butterfly costume.

Maybe Sammy wanted the butterfly costume, Colleen? I think he needs a few extra treats today. :)

ValentinesluckySheltie Nation member Collen shares this cute photo & Valentine’s Day story! 

No matter what we did we couldn’t get Lucky to sit still or cooperate.  At first he was scared of the camera, then he wouldn’t sit facing the camera…little booger!

I finally got him to sit still, even though he was facing the wrong way. When I stepped out of the picture he turned his head as if to say “hey mom, where you going?” and he placed his paw directly on the heart. I froze and thought don’t make an sudden movements, did you get the picture I yelped!!!???

This perfect picture made up for a day of Sheltie shenanigans!

I can’t decide what part of Lucky’s picture I like best.

Is it his big, soft eyes, fuzzy ears, Sheltie Smile, or those crossed paws?LuckySuper, super sweet, Colleen!