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Little Goat, Big Adventure

Lucy says good morning at to her new friend at an Ohio Bed & Breakfast.


Are they gossiping J.J.?

I’m Starving

Surrrrre you are Lucy!

Shetland Sheepdog begging

Expert beggars aren’t they, Trisha?

And now, time for “The Sheltie Gourmet”

For the Shetland Sheepdog of refined tastes, a glorious afternoon’s strawberry-tasting is one of summer’s most sumptuous pleasures.

Sheltie eats strawberries

Naughty Lucy! :)

When You Wish Upon a Snowflake

May your dreams come true, Lucy!

Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Curtain Call

Lucy says: “Look mom, no ears!”

She will grow into those ears for sure Bailey!  :))