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Sprinkled Lulu!

Doesn’t she sound like a yummy cereal?


She looks adorable, cfelton!

Sheltie Bedbug

Lulu doesn’t look like she would bite.

Lick maybe, but not bite.


Funny girl, cbelton!

Tribbles: fact or fiction?


Yep, one more ball of hair from Linus or Lulu and you will have third dog, Valerie!

Got Your Halloween Costume Yet?

That’s a sweet costume you got there Lulu.

luludragonOh my, Valerie!

Shelties Who Think They’re Hiding

I caught Lulu and Linus having a quiet moment on the park bench last weekend.
I guess they are too civilized for grass?
Was it the head or the tail that gave them away, Valerie? :)