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Tribbles: fact or fiction?


Yep, one more ball of hair from Linus or Lulu and you will have third dog, Valerie!

Got Your Halloween Costume Yet?

That’s a sweet costume you got there Lulu.

luludragonOh my, Valerie!

Shelties Who Think They’re Hiding

I caught Lulu and Linus having a quiet moment on the park bench last weekend.
I guess they are too civilized for grass?
Was it the head or the tail that gave them away, Valerie? :)


One of life’s little pleasures is watching Lulu drift off to sleep.

Awe, caught in the act, Valerie!

Oh, We Will Wait…and Wait.

Naiche waits for the school bus, but in the meantime scouts out the squirrels.

Love those fuzzy ears, DK!

Linus and Lulu use the buddy system.For sure nothing gets by TWO sets of eyes, Valerie!