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Now just how exactly do we herd fishies?

Mac & Corey try to tag-team the fish!

Love this Judy!

It reminds me of my beloved Trevor who also loved to try & herd fish!

I thought they’d never leave!

This is Mac after everyone left my daughter’s birthday part and he was able to recover his favorite spot on the sofa.

Such a look of relief Susan! :)

No way lady!

Mac says: “I am NOT wearing that silly hat!  Not for anything!”Machat1 Oh what was that?  You said I could have a cookie?  Well OK then.Machat2LOL Chelsea!

Sheltie bookends

Bonnie and Mac the sleeping bookends.  Of course, Shelties have to have a pillow when they sleep!BookendsThanks to Perri!

Adorable pair….

Here is a photo of Sophie, our six month old female Sheltie and Mac, a male Siamese/calico mix kitten.  Mac is partially blind and can only see changes in light and slower movement.  Sophie has taken it upon herself to be Mac’s protector and they’re quite an adorable pair.
Sophie2Awwwwe, Jennifer!