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Porch Pooch

Mackenzie likes to supervise her humans doing yard work.


Princess on her throne, right Donna? :)

Still on a Halloween Sugar High!

There’s no need to fear, Mackenzie is here!


Love those markings, Donna!

Shane got a fun toy for Halloween!


 Very sweet, Barbara!

Pebbles says:“No mom, I wanted to GET the sheep not BE the sheep!”


Good one, Piya!

In SN music news, Devin and Jaime are rockin’!


LOL, Kathy!

The Sheltie Front-door Personality

Mackenzie says: “howdy, neighbor!”

Sheltie looking out front door

What a beautiful girl, Donna!

Full tilt Sheltie!

Go Mackenzie! (In our house we call this a serious case of the “Sheltie bees!”)Thanks to Mehgan!

Puppy Love

Mackenzie (a.k.a. the 4-pound hurricane) hiding out under the couch… waiting to pounce?
P1290023So sweet, Mehgan!