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Furried Treasure

Maggie after she earned her “Beginners A title” at her very 1st competition.

I feel as though she is saying: see, I knew I could do it!!!  I was so very proud of her.

Awe Angie, she loves you! :))

I Can’t Bear to Look

That’s OK Maggie, we will admire you!

Love that pink collar, Meriwether! :)

I prefer a firm pillow, thank you.

Maggie, you know that headrest was made just for you!

Shelties are so resourceful aren’t they, Andy?  :))

Oh, go fly a…Sheltie?

With the waning of September and the approach of cooler fall breezes, the time is right to fly a kite…er, Sheltie!

Oh Maggie has wings hidden in that fur somewhere for sure, Sheri! ;)


Maggie – Zak and the little house guest, Parker.

ROFL…what a big smile, Susan.  He must love to visit!