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Why are you smiling?

Marley says: “Serious Bailey we are on a boat with life jackets, why are you smiling? You can go first then!”


Too funny, Sandy!

Happy Birthday to me!


Marley looks like a he had a happy birthday, Brenda!

Wow, There’s A Book For Everything These Days

Marley says: “Awe mom, you don’t need a book. I am the perfect puppy!”

Shetland Sheepdog puppy and Sheltie book

He looks so innocent, Brenda! ;)

It’s been a long, HOT summer…

…so keep cool, Sheltie friends!

This important hydration reminder brought to you by Marley.

Sheltie puppy playing in pool

:)) Brenda

Please tell me it’s leaving?

Toby and Marley are meeting for the first time and Toby doesn’t know if he wants to share his footstool with Marley.

The look says it all, Dana!