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Snorer Junior

Max & Chan nap away the afternoon.

Awe Rich! You bet, ‘ruff’ life!

Friday’s featured fuzzy: peakaboo!

Go grab your “too cute to breathe” inhaler… you’re gonna need it!Max is sooooo cute Melanie!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Allie, Max and Jessee are ready for Christmas!

Love um’ Daniel!

New toys tucker me out!

Max takes a much needed break.

I think he likes the toy Tina!

Eyes so deep

I always knew a Sheltie would be the perfect companion for my mother, who has just turned 80 years old and who has started to decline.  As you well know, Max is devoted to both of us but is so gentle and loving with her.

He seems to sense that she goes a little slower and needs extra love.  He brought a light into both of our lives when we needed it the most.  He is a charmer and loves everybody.

I have a picture that I think represents the love that always is shining in those Sheltie eyes. I couldn’t have said it any better Tina!