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This is one scary TV show!

They aren’t blinking!Good one, Patricia!

Oh yea, women can’t resist me!

Jack has Allison wrapped around his little paw, for sure!A real heart breaker, Judy!  :)

No doubt, I am all Merle!

Even down to his little spotted nose, Henry is all merle! :)Enjoy the puppy stage & welcome to Sheltie Nation, Doug!

Mommy I know I am cute but…

Jenna says: “Can you stop taking my picture so I could take a nap please?”Such a sweet face, Elaina!

Dutch Sheltie “Hallo”

Here is Sammy, a 5 month old blue merle Sheltie on vacation in Drente, in the Netherlands.

He looks like he is having fun!SammyDank U wel, Marc & Jacqueline!