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Mirror, Mirror

Go get him Dillon!

There is only room for one cute Sheltie puppy around here!


Too cute, Ron!

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

Who’s the fairest Sheltie girl of them all?

 “I am!” says Sweet Pea.

Of course, Tracey! ;)

I’m so pretty, oh so pretty

Sadie trying out the latest in Halloween fashion?

Pretty in pink, Severine! ;)

Objects in mirror are CUTER than they appear

Shadow says: “I hiked and hiked and hiked in Crested Butte, Colorado.  So many smells to smell!
By the time I got to the car I couldn’t keep my eyes open!”

So, so cute, Lum!

Sheltie car ride fun

Objects in mirror may be cuter than they appear.Carrideadubyailkinson, Maddox looks like he is having a great time!