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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

Who’s the fairest Sheltie girl of them all?

 “I am!” says Sweet Pea.

Of course, Tracey! ;)

I’m so pretty, oh so pretty

Sadie trying out the latest in Halloween fashion?

Pretty in pink, Severine! ;)

Objects in mirror are CUTER than they appear

Shadow says: “I hiked and hiked and hiked in Crested Butte, Colorado.  So many smells to smell!
By the time I got to the car I couldn’t keep my eyes open!”

So, so cute, Lum!

Sheltie car ride fun

Objects in mirror may be cuter than they appear.Carrideadubyailkinson, Maddox looks like he is having a great time!

Self Aware Sheltie

Shelties are so smart, that they can use a mirror to check if you are sneaking up on them.
Ola, Matt S.