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We wear our hearts on our bibs.

Missy and Sedona, we <3 you too!


Happy Valentine’s day, Carol. :)

Huge Saucer Eyes Alert!

I got Missy from a family who did not treat her very well. I tried
to change her name and she wouldn’t take it and now people think I
named my dog after myself!  LOL :) I’ve had her for 3.5 years and
she is a spoiled brat!

Sheltie with big eyes

Oh no, Melissa. With eyes like that she can never spoiled! Hugs for giving her a great life!

Sheltie, Master of Disguise!

Missy says: “Nope, I’m not a Border Collie!”

We all know better, Jessica!  :) She is a cutie!

There’s nothing worse than a bath! Right?

According to their owner, Jackson and Missy are smiling right after they had a…bath.
Oh you must be joshing us Cody! :))