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A Rescue Love Story

Panda and Missy were both adopted from Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana. One very special day, Panda’s mom agreed to dog sit for her friend, Missy’s mom. Missy was a very shy, laid back and sensitive sable Sheltie who really never met another dog she could feel comfortable with. Panda was a very loving, outgoing, silly tri-color Sheltie who loved to talk.

When Missy entered into Panda’s house, her gorgeous sable-and-white hair flowing and saw dark-haired and very handsome Panda, they both were smitten with each other. Missy found Panda’s silly, loud antics fun, and Panda was calmed by Missy’s quiet, shy sensitivity. They soon fell in love. Missy and Panda got to visit each other often and enjoy each other’s company.


A sweet story, Lisa. There is somebody for everybody! :)

We wear our hearts on our bibs.

Missy and Sedona, we <3 you too!


Happy Valentine’s day, Carol. :)

Huge Saucer Eyes Alert!

I got Missy from a family who did not treat her very well. I tried
to change her name and she wouldn’t take it and now people think I
named my dog after myself!  LOL :) I’ve had her for 3.5 years and
she is a spoiled brat!

Sheltie with big eyes

Oh no, Melissa. With eyes like that she can never spoiled! Hugs for giving her a great life!

Sheltie, Master of Disguise!

Missy says: “Nope, I’m not a Border Collie!”

We all know better, Jessica!  :) She is a cutie!

There’s nothing worse than a bath! Right?

According to their owner, Jackson and Missy are smiling right after they had a…bath.
Oh you must be joshing us Cody! :))