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Do you love me?

Moe is staying over at his best friend’s house while I am away.  I think he misses me a lot.
Moe I’d say so Dianne!  Hurry home!

Who said I can’t get a tan during winter?

Moe & his mom Dianne live in Hong Kong.

Apparently they never get snow during Winter.  Life is just so tough!

Sheltie lovers know how to throw a party!

Moe got a cake…and a cruise!Trevor & Toby want to be invited next year, Dianne!  ;)

Say ahhh….

Moe is showing his human he doesn’t need a tooth cleaning…yet.MoeteethLOL…Sheltie crocodile, Dianne!


Moe says: “I swear, it wasn’t me, it was the gingerbread man.”GuiltyToo funny Dianne!