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Ready for some football?

Mollie is thrilled football season is finally here!

molliefootballWell sort of thrilled, Denise & Jen?

Sheltie Slalom!

Mollie and Rocky: “Thanks for making us a path Dad! Whee!”


Looks like they love it, Denise! :)

Look Like Anybody You Know?

Rocky and Mollie are enjoying the 1st snow of the season.

Yipee, Denise!

Yeah, right…I’ll smile for the camera!”

Mollie says: “Nahnny-nahnny-poo-poo!”

Thanks to Denise ;)

It’s a Sheltie playdate!

Left to right: Mollie, Casey, Reggie,  Barty, Bob, Beau.
SHELTIEBUDDIES Looks like everyone is having fun Vera!