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Meh, a bizzard.

Mollie is thoroughly enjoying the blizzard we are having here in the northeast!


Humans not so much right, Denise?

Ready for some football?

Mollie is thrilled football season is finally here!

molliefootballWell sort of thrilled, Denise & Jen?

Sheltie Slalom!

Mollie and Rocky: “Thanks for making us a path Dad! Whee!”


Looks like they love it, Denise! :)

Look Like Anybody You Know?

Rocky and Mollie are enjoying the 1st snow of the season.

Yipee, Denise!

Yeah, right…I’ll smile for the camera!”

Mollie says: “Nahnny-nahnny-poo-poo!”

Thanks to Denise ;)