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Disapproving Puppy?


LOL! Molly’s markings make her look so serious, Christy!

Forecast Calls for Sun And Wind

It’s just a wild guess.


(L to R: Misty, Jazz, Maysie-Mae, Molly, Halo and Midnight.)

Quite a crew, Steve and Di!

We interupt this Monday to bring you…smiles!

We dare you not to smile at these little mischief makers.

Molly & Maysie DARE ya!


LOL what a funny moment, Steve and Di!

Look Sharp, Shelties!

We’re going to the yacht club!


Newly adopted Alice, Teddy (now a Sheltie Angel) and Molly the forever puppy are looking sharp.

Lovely, John!

Blue Enough for Ya, Tex?

Texas Shelties Dora & Molly enjoy the blooming bluebonnets!


Thanks to David!


A cutie for sure, Kerri!