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Snow Problem

Molly and Rocky say: “Hey Mom, how do we get to the backyard?”

Keep shoveling, Denise! :)

Is this a dream?

No, Molly it is your new forever home!

Hugs to you Jenny for adopting her!

Half past Sheltie o’clock

Poor Jack.  Molly doesn’t have a snooze button!

Mine do the same thing Melissa…but add some whining for emphasis!  LOL

Who has the bigger smile?

Lacy & Molly the cat share a nap.
LacymollySoooo cute Mary!

And, who are YOU?

This photo shows the first day little MacGregor came home & met Molly for the first time.  It looks like she is sizing him up, but rest assured MacGregor & Molly are now best of friends!

MacandmollyWhat a little fuzz ball, Nancy!