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Good day to you!

Momo wishes you a smiley Sunday!

That bed looks awesome

Happy Hannukah!

Momo says: “Chag Sameach!”Hannukah

Laptop pillow

Momo may not be a blogger, but he likes to go on the computer…in his own way.

What’s Better Than A Roaring Fire in the Fireplace?

Bet you couldn’t guess, could you?  :)LOL, Eva!

Country rescue Sheltie now enjoys the big city life!

Here is Momo enjoying downtown LA.  It amuses and delights me to see that this   rescue dog — who was pulled from an Orange County shelter, and was terrified of all city sounds and sights when I adopted him — now just ADORES the city!  He’s become a totally urban (and urbane) dog…and he loves the Equitable Building on Wilshire Boulevard!

He does look like a happy man, Eva!