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Hey, It’s a Dirty Business…

This is my new baby Sheltie, Bastian.  

We are having heat wave conditions in Queensland at the moment, and this is Bastian’s way of keeping cool.


Baaaaad Bastian, Traci! ;)

Bad, bad Bastien!

Oooh, naughty boy…and the look on his face says he knows it!LOL..Icky Gwendy!

What do you mean “bath”? I’m not that dirty!

After a very rainy week, our back yard in Glenarm, IL was full of mud.  We had to block access to the doggy door and cleaned up the mess.  We took this picture of Jazper just before his bath! Jazpermudoooooh, Pam And Brian!

Candidate for a future Water Shelties installment

Apparently Duncan had fun playing in the mud outside his house.
He’s one happy guy!
DirtyDIck!  Have fun with that mess, Tracey!

The photo starts off innocently enough…until you scroll down

“This is why we don’t have a doggie door – can you imagine what our furniture would look like?  After catching our little “princess” knee-deep in mud after digging in the yard, I took a few pictures and carried her straight to the bath tub. If only we all could be as carefree as Emmie!”

Oh Cindy, good luck with that little mischief maker!